A Heathcote next gen dozen

That’s exactly what wine writer Max Allen has named it – A Heathcote Next Gen Dozen. A mixed case of his top picks, of interesting and exciting wines. As always, he has done his homework. Max has been visiting our region forever – getting a feel for the producers and the landscape.

He knows his wines and has put together a box that will intrigue and satisfy the adventurous. One look at the line-up will tell you there really are some remarkable wines being conjured in Heathcote, with many you don’t know about. I thought I had a good handle on the juice coming out of the region but this article caught me out. I can’t wait to acquaint myself with some of the wines in this box.

I love being introduced to new varieties and wine styles, and who knew there were so many going under the radar literally just kilometres from my home – how exciting!

A real tribute to the ‘Next Gen’ producers for crafting these styles – sometimes it’s hard being different. I’m imagining they – like us – outweigh that by the joy of beating their own drum. Brian and I always said we would only make wines we like and we have so far stuck to it. Tempranillo wormed its way under our skin on a visit to Tempus Two early in our twenties and we leapt at the chance to work with this variety when we got it.

We thought it would barely sell but we didn’t care. I always say “Worst case, you’re never going to have a shortage of helpers or occasions to drink it”.  Since then though, it has come close to matching our Shiraz sales. In fact, the Tempranillo has been our best performer – if you want to call it that – in terms of success. It has bought more glitter to the pool room than any other bottle we have produced. Following your heart doesn’t always pay, but it certainly feels good!

Max Allen’s Case

  • 2016 Garden Of Earthly Delights Riesling $34
  • 2016 Wild Duck Creek The Mallard Riesling $31
  • 2016 Lo Stesso Fiano $32
  • 2016 Momento Mori Staring at the Sun $42
  • 2015 An Ape is Loose Grecco $26
  • 2016 Kennedy Pink Hills Rosé $20
  • 2016 Tellurian Nero d’Avola $27
  • 2015 Farmer & The Scientist Tempranillo $25
  • 2015 Chapter Malbec $29
  • 2015 De Bortoli Villages Shiraz Grenache $20
  • 2015 Bull Lane Shiraz $25
  • 2012 Foster e Rocco Riserva Sangiovese $60

Written by Jess Dwyer

Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine June/July 2017
Max Allen’s article Next Gen Heathcote
Brian & Jess falling in love…with Tempranillo at Tempus Two, Hunter Valley NSW.


*Link to Tempranillo in store

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