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Want the juice on limited deals? insider trading? Shiny discounts and super special-specials? 

Here is the place. You get to become part of our tree-house cubby club and this time we are older so both boys and girls are allowed.

In grown up terms, you form part of our exclusive Mailing List – you liked our wine enough to spend your time looking us up and filling out your details and we think that should count for something. Mailing list customers get 5% discount on all wines. Simply join our list and enter the code LIST5 at checkout.

Occasionally we drink too much and send out ridiculous specials to those that love us – or our wine. We offer things like free shipping, discounts and occasionally a dog Free 2 Good Home depending how much she has annoyed us lately or what she has chewed beyond recognition.

We keep it extra special for this group and because I’m a busy lady I also run a text contact list. Here I post cellar clear outs or damaged stock offers because its quick and easy for me.

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Mobile SMS list

If you would like to join the Mobile List txt your FIRST / LAST NAME & a 60 word summary of why I should pick you.

Just kidding – maybe just your name and a quick ‘I want to join your text list’ so I know what the message is about.

That’s it – just hit send and sit back and wait for white-ants to damage some stock and voila you got yourself a bargain! You laugh but that actually DID happen and my exclusive text list were chuffed with their super cheap termite poop bottles.

Text your name and I want to join your text list to 0400 141 985.