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Who is the farmer, and who is the scientist?

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So, I get asked this a lot. Well specifically which one is the farmer and which one is the scientist?
Growing down to earth wines

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We offer an exciting range of wines including Shiraz, GSM, Tempranillo, Pinot Grigio, Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc.

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King of his flock and keeper of the homestead, very little snuck past him.

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Heathcote Wines

The terroir of the region has the ability to produce rich, lengthy, spicy reds with fine age-worthy tannins.

The Heathcote Wine Region begins 110km north of Melbourne in Central Victoria. From here the region runs around 100km from south to north and up to 40km across at its widest point.

Heathcote township (90 min from Melbourne, 30 min from Bendigo) is very much the heart of the region with a good concentration of producers close by.

The Mt. Camel range greatly influences the region as it runs north to south (Corop to Tooborac) like a backbone along the region. Cool S/SE winds tunnel along the range in the growing season from October – March. Mean summer temperatures are often reported a few degrees cooler than nearby Bendigo.

Our Temperature varies up to 2 degrees from the southern tip of the region to the northern throughout the growing season. This variation in temperature offers a diverse range of fruit and a difference in wine styles as you venture throughout making for one of the most interesting wine regions in Australia.

Harvest can fall anywhere between January and May depending on seasonal variation, grape variety and location in the region.

Heathcote is a great place to grow grapes as pest and disease pressures are low compared to cooler regions such as the Yarra or King valley. Frosts can strike but are often mitigated by the elevation of the Mt Camel Range (between 160-380m).

This range forms the bloodline of the soils Heathcote boasts, and the crucible for imparting trademark Heathcote flavours into the wines – especially noticeable in the red varieties. Our distinct soils come from the weathering of these rocks formed in the Cambrian era around 500 million years ago.

Mt. Camel consists of iconic fine red soils overlying a calcium-rich clay base, somewhat inaptly named Cambrian Greenstone. These soils are deep and rich with excellent water holding capacity. A drive around the north of the region is great for spotting red sheep and horses!

Heathcote’s Shiraz has caught the world’s attention; now our Mediterranean varieties are stepping into the limelight. The terroir of the region has the ability to produce rich, lengthy, spicy reds with fine age-worthy tannins. Whilst caring for 20 acres of vines, Farmer & The Scientist produce Shiraz, Tempranillo, Grenache Rosé, Fiano, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio.

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